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Windows 8 Pro Not Being Given Away Free Despite Reports


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The web exploded this weekend when a report was posted online about Microsoft giving out free copies of Windows 8 Pro, but these reports were a bit misleading. The initial report was that if you went to the Microsoft website and requested a free Windows Media Center activation code, that code would be able to unlock you a full free version of Windows 8 without you having to pay the high upgrade or purchase cost.

Now, what the report neglected to specify was that you would have had to do something illegal first before you would get a free upgrade. The reported did not explain that, for this to work, you would have had to have used a software called KMS activator that is able to illegally activate your copy of Windows 8 for free. After you use KMS activator on a pirated version of Windows 8 and then received a free activation code from Microsoft for Windows Media Center, the new code from Microsoft will replace the KMS licensing information on your device, which will make it seem legitimately Microsoft-activated for free.

This all means that you did not receive a free version of Microsoft, you first tried to acquire the new version illegally then happened to have stumbled on this loophole.

That’s all for now folks, hope this clarifies things for you.

Via: Zdnet