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Windows boot logo after installation of Windows 10


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i got a surface 3 LTE and installed Windows 10 via USB stick. Now the bootscreen shows the windows logo instead of the surface logo during start up. Do you have an idea how to get back to the correct version of booting?
I hope you understand my problem.


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Here a photo of what i mean.
I think there have to be the surface logo when it is correct uefi booting


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Outside of some glitch that caused a change of the image used the concern may be one of potential malware. Scan for malware with several different tools including scanning for rootkits and boot malware.

Where did this USB stick come from, how was it created, where was it created? These are potential sources of malware getting onto the USB. Scan the USB for malware with multiple tools.

If the Recovery Partition is intact and not modified I would consider doing a Reset to Factory Settings although that may not correct the problem either. When you do a reset you can use advanced options to wipe all partitions although I assume this must be from USB and you need to make sure the USB is clean first.

Then again, maybe it was just a glitch and it's just the image that got swapped. IDK where it's stored.

There is a download for Firmware and drivers but IDK if you can reinstall firmware/UEFI; it might be worth a shot. Otherwise if there's a Microsoft Store accessible you might let them have a look at it.


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I just purchased a Surface 3 LTE this weekend from a Microsoft retail store and am having the same issue. When I first used the device, it only showed a Surface logo. I reinstalled the firmware and drivers .msi from Microsoft and now have this blue Windows logo.

Also, my UEFI firmware says version 1.180811.238. I thought the current version was 1.50811.238.0. (This could be wrong the latter parts of those version numbers seem pretty close.)

Any other ideas?