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Solved Windows Defender idle processes are heating unit, making fan blow all the time, and draining battery


I experienced the same issues while idle. I was using Core Temp and just letting my SP3 sit, the Defender would wake up and cause the temp to rise to 90c (throttle temp). I have since disabled Defender and went with AVG (only due to past experience and my other systems have it) but BitDefender looks like the winner in this category for 2014.

After this monitoring temps don't really go above 73C typically. sometimes it will go up to 80C when playing a game.

one thing of note, for my Core i7 256GB version, I have not really heard the fan. so happy to report no massive noise even when climbing to higher temps. At 90C it was slightly audible and the back-top-right corner was hot to the touch for certain.

Always helps to keep an ambient temperature of 18C as well :)


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The second thing I do with a new PC is disable Defender if installing Kaspersky Internet Security didn't already disable it.


Curious if anyone else noticed this? I am still working great since turning off Windows Defender and installing another AV software. System is now completely quiet and cool when idle, once again. Has anyone else noticed WD taxing the system like I was? Really strange if it was just me.

I am glad that I found this. could be why my battery has been worse lately especially after latest firmware update. I also noticed a Malware process running with task manager open every so often. I am going to disable defender and look into bitdefender. I have the i5 256 version and it does heat up but battery is much worse over last month or so.


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SeanP, it could be the malware causing your battery drain problem, I would install Malwarebytes and get rid of this malware and then see if your battery drain goes back to normal... as for myself my WD is running normally with no spikes or runaway and no heating my SP3....