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Windows Hello and Eyeglasses - a bit of fun


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So I've noticed that if I register my face with Windows Hello wearing eyeglasses, I should keep that pair around, because Windows uses them as an important feature.

Kind of like obtaining your USA driver's license while wearing eyeglasses. Your license may then state that eyeglasses are compulsory.

After a recent haircut, Windows assumed I was someone else. I almost expected Cortana to comment about the cut. My wife certainly did.

My grandkids recognize me without the glasses, but not Windows. No worries, though. Hello works well.

But I wonder if Windows expects some people to:
- Be drinking a beer
- Roll their eyes
- Have an extra chin
- Wear a coat and tie
- Be shirtless
- Dangle an earring or two
- Be in portrait orientation (head sideways)

... after registering that way.

Just kidding. Hello works fine.

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I sharpened it up by wearing 2 different pair of glasses and looking slightly sideways. It's worked all but one time.

But I can't see with no glasses. ;)


It recognizes me both with and without eyeglasses (I wear contacts or glasses at various times). You can go back and train the hello function further if it has trouble and then it extrapolates out the various differences from all of the samples it has.


Half-sized, frameless reading glasses and resting my chin in my hand don't faze my Hello. I think I gave it extra training upon setup though.


I trained twice during initial setup... once with my glasses and once without. It's recognizes me pretty much every time regardless of whether I am or am not wearing the glasses. Got new reading glasses the other day. I doesn't recognize me when I wear these new glasses. Guess I need to retrain... wonder if I can do it 3 times?


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You can do it 3 times: I did it once with Contacts, once with my prescription glasses, and once with my Gunnars. No issues logging in under any of my configurations.

.. Unless I'm laying in bed, and then occasionally the angle messes with the sensor /shrug.


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In the last 2 dozen times I've use Hello it worked flawlessly except for the 2 times I tried to show someone how well it works. ;);)

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