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Windows RT hacked


interesting article. Looks like the people over at xda are already successfully porting and compiling arm versions of their apps =)

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It's amazing how similar Windows RT is to the full Windows 8 OS. I hope that they make a simplified way to run the hack and compile apps for us non techie guys.


I kinda had a feeling that it would be similar. I bet in time there will be a slightly easier or at least a tutorial to follow that will help us =) But this is a great breakthrough


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Always good to have the hacking community involved with the device. So may time the guys at XDA or PDAPhoneHome made huge improvements to my smartphones that would have otherwise just been left broken by the device OS manufacturer/hardware manufacturer/carrier. This does reduce the security, but it's once to have the choice for those that understand the consequences.


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It does make you wonder if one of the Updates that is released tomorrow will close this vulnerability in the KRNL....
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