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Windows Spotlight on Sign-In Screen Not Loading After Anniversary Update


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I've spent ages Googling to no avail, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out!

I've just installed the latest Windows 10 update and whilst I've managed to iron out a few of the other problems that it caused on my Surface 3, I still can't find a solution for this one.

Before the update, the Windows Spotlight feature for loading background images on the sign-in screen was working perfectly. Afterwards, it seems to have developed an issue where it won't load the images if the Surface has been in Sleep mode and it will just come up with a plain blue background instead (this is the highlight color that I'm using for Windows 10); if I then subsequently lock the surface and return to the sign-in screen it's working fine, it just seems to be an issue when it's been idle for a while and presumably gone into sleep mode or hibernation.

This is quite annoying and would really appreciate it if any of you guys know how to fix this issue!

Many thanks



Same issue for me on my Surface3 and my daughter's Surface Pro4 Must be a bug that needs to be fixed


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Known issue - It gets fixed in later updates....(Insider Fast - Builds 14905 seems to have fixed it)


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Thanks everyone for the replies.

I guess that's good that I'm not the only one and that it's a known issue, but also quite annoying that I'm just going to have to sit on my hands, waiting for Microsoft to push out a mainstream fix.

Oh well! Thanks again.