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Power button not working on Surface Pro 4


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Good Morning Everyone

I have. Surf Pro 4 i5 8GB device. I am having a problem with getting the device to turn on consistently after pressing the power button.

Sometimes I can get the device to turn on if I press the power button / volume down button. I havr also tried to hold the power button for 30+ seconds. MS support suggested that this is normal. This gets me to the boot setup screen, I can then restart / log into Windows as I nornally wood.

I have tried or verified the following steps:

1. Latest driver / software updates for Win10 / programs
2. Left full charge over night
3. Switched charging device to MS docking station.
4. Conducted a chkdsk.
5. Verified correct power saver settings.
6. Inspected for any physical damage. (I hold my devices as if I were carrying a baby.
7. No no essential 3rd party software installed (its my work pc)
8. Format / Clean Install Win10

Due to my ego, I can normally figure out what is wrong and fix but this has me stumped.

Has anyone run into this type of problem?

I dont have any sys logs to attach at the moment, but I might be able to attach when I get home tonight.

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