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won't turn on


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My Surface Pro 3 (purchased Nov. 2014) won't turn on--totally dead. I googled the problem and went through the various possible solutions to no avail.

1). The light on the power cord is solid white and I charged it for several hours. The charge doesn't seem to be the problem.

2). I did the holding the power button for 30 seconds. Totally dead, dark screen.

3). I did the holding the power button and volume for 30 seconds. Totally, dead, dark screen. Nothing was connected when I did these steps as recommended, too.


My Surface Pro 3 seems completely dead a month and half after the warranty expired. Does anyone have any suggestions? Microsoft techical support took me through the same steps that I googled with the same results--dead screen. I got transferred to another tecnician but got disconnected. When I called back, the service center was closed. I'll call, again, on Monday but thought I would also try this forum. It may just be gone shortly after the warranty expired, which is unfortunate.