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Xbox One and PC OS Could Unite Under Next Big Windows Update


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An intriguing new rumor is floating through the interwaves. Supposedly, the next iteration of Microsoft's Windows OS might be designed to unify all of their products under one ecosystem including the Xbox One. The next Windows update is rumored to be called "Threshold" and the name is fitting if the description of its intent is accurate. Supposedly it is being desgined from the ground up to unite the PC, the Xbox One and Windows Mobile (Phones and Tablets) under the same user perspective. It will even come complete with a common app store across all three platforms.

Additionally, this new OS will come in three varieties. One will be a consumer-focused Windows, one will be based on x86 code, and the final will be a traditional Enterprise version. Regardless of which "flavor" all three will supposedly bring Xbox One and Windows interfaces closer in alignment. What do you guys think? Could Threshold be what Microsoft needs to return to their industry powerhouse status?


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What, no sources? Even rumors need sources. :p

Probably closely related to the older thread about unifying the 3 versions of Windows.


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This is what they need to do. I need my Xbox one to be my center for all my media, it should be able to stream everything I own from my PC/NAS setup in the office and it should be able to miracast from my Surface pro 2. If they can get that working good then I will finally ditch my iPhone and get a Windows phone too.

If they don't do this it would be absolutely mind boggling