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Window's 10 Briefing Part 3: Xbox One Games Coming to Windows 10


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This next part of Windows 10 has to be Microsoft's most ambitious plan for the product. They are planning to bring cross platform compatibility between PC, phone and Surface users with Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Basically, Windows 10 will come with a built-in Xbox App that will have the same activity feed as your Xbox One. It will even show you everything your Xbox Live friends are up to.

Microsoft is simply making their own Xbox Live-based version of Steam that will be integrated into Windows 10 and Xbox One. This will include many of the most popular features found on the Xbox One, like Game DVR, which lets you record clips of your games. This will even let you capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay to share some epic feat you accomplished when your friends aren't around.

As we mentioned previously, they plan to work with developers to insure Xbox One and PC game cross-platform compatibility. It will only come out for select games at first, but will eventually filter out for all games, if Microsoft can execute this plan. There's also a feature that let's you stream Xbox One exclusive games to your Windows 10 device (from PC to Surface Pro 3).

Ultimately, it looks like Microsoft is finally unifying their software packages across platforms under one cohesive umbrella. Fantastic!