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I think that it is great that there is the XBOX video store, because like many with a tablet, I want to watch movies on it. But I have this problem when I'm downloading. The HD movies are HUGE files and they take forever to download, as such I am extremely disappointed when I have downloaded 80% of a movie, only to come back to the screen having it say 'download paused' and resume at 0%. What is up with that?
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I've downloaded movies to the loca drive without any issues. Yes, they take a long time because the files are huge, but they did download. However, this was on a desktop, so the power is always on. I suggest to keep the power cable on the Surface file it's downloading so it does Sleep. Let's see if that helps. If not, I would say, download the same movie to the desktop and then move it to the Surface. If you go this route, there will be two files to copy. One for the movie and another I think is for DRM info, but there will be two files with the title of the movie.
Yes man. This store is very great. I just downloaded movies from this store which are full time high definition and looks as natural ever. Thank you so much for posting such thread on this forum. I really appreciate your work.
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