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Video playback is lagging and jumpy


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Just got a Surface RT 64 GB. I am playing videos that I ripped from DVD and put on an SDXC card.
When I start to watch the videos using Xbox video, the begininning of the movies play fine. By the middle the videos start to lag a little but by the end they are impossible to watch because of lagging.
If I pull the video off the card to the surface desktop and watch it, it is a little better but still happens.
I'm ripping dvds using WinX platnium, ripping to MP4 format and files are 1.2 to 1.8 gb.
VLC player gives me and error when I try to download it from windows store, error code 0x80240017.
I am going to try to rip dvds to surface video, WMV2 format and see of that helps out.
I have seen posts with streaming video problems, but I'm playing from my SDXC card, and the video plays fine at the beginning of the movie, it's just towards the end that it lags.
Any fixes ???
when I had my RT1 all my video's played perfectly on my device, also the reason why your getting a VLC error is because it is not able to install on an RT device as the RT is not a full windows OS therefore your cannot install legacy apps which before buying your RT you should have done your homework, the RT (to me anyways) is 90% computer... Also perhaps your SD card is a low grade card and cant handle the buffer speeds which I recommend buying a CLASS 10 micro SD card that can handle the speeds. but other than that the movies should play fine with absolutely no stuttering/lag
Hey thanks for the reply. Two things, my SD card is a 10, SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC C10/UHS1 Memory Card, and if the problem was reading it from the card, how come I have the same problem when I drag the file to my desk top and then play it. Also, the first half of the movie plays fine so I don't get it. Going to try converting to avi files next. Thanks.
Have you tried another Video Player? Ones to try Media Monkey, mobile.HD Media Player....