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Xpadder in Surface Pro 3


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Hello, I have a question on the use of a program called Xpadder in the tablet Surface Pro 3. Xpadder is a program that serves for mapping the controls of the keyboard and the mouse in a control of console connected to the computer. My question is the following one:

Did you may mapping the controls of a gamepad(for example that of a PS3 or Xbox Usb), with the program Xpadder in a tablet with Windows 8? The question is that a portable computer or a tower, they have the keyboard and the mouse connected (in case of the portable one, ALWAYS), but the tablet does not have them, so I would like to know, first hand if the program Xpadder is capable of assigning the above mentioned keys though there does not exist a physical keyboard connected with the tablet. It would mean that the operating system Windows 8 of the tablet has the configuration of a keyboard "internalized" and that therefore for the tablet it is as if really you were pressing these keys with the control of the console.Or if it does not work, to connect a keyboard and a mouse, to form the Xpadder with the control and as soon as you have finished and guarded the configuration, to disconnect them and to continue using the control without problems. I wait to have explained well and without madman turns you, but he thinks about the benefits of mapear the controls with any control about the Surface Pro of Microsoft. Thank you very much;)


I'll be waiting for any replies myself.
I already have a One, got the USB>micro USB cable, and once I download the new One controller driver and Xpadder, I plan on using the controller for games on my SP3.

But, reading your first paragraph, I have no idea why you'd need to go through you're computer to control your console. Isn't the idea of Xpadder to be able to use console controllers with a PC? (The only thing I can think of is so you can use the keyboard/mouse with your console to play a game, but why?) I've looked at Xpadder, but I don't think you can (or it's for) controlling consoles with it.

However, as I understand(?) your post, you don't want to use the keyboard on your tablet at all. In that case, either pick PC games with controller support built-in or pick PC games needing limited input (remember that controllers only have so many buttons).