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Surface Pro 3, I7 512 All Mine

Tom Ballos

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Hello fellow Surface Owners,

I've been using my tablet for a few days now and of course I am loving it. I am now happy. Why you ask? I've spent a lot of time with Android tablets and Apple tablets all the time trying to figure the best way to integrate them into my Windows world. Apple was the worst with it's control over the file system but at least they offered true Microsoft Office programs. Android was ok but not too much in the Office world. I will say I preferred Android over Apple for its openness with files. But in the end there was only one way to go - MICROSOFT.

Hello to all from the Hudson Valley in NY.


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Tom Ballos,
It's good to have free market competition all working to please me enough to buy. To any given consumer, Windows, Apple, Android all have good points and not so good points. You've found a node that is the right tone for your world.