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Your Phone App: Ringtone and Call quality terrible on Surface Pro X?


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I'm not sure what you mean sorry.

Ringing like a telephony service or bluetooth speaker doesn't sound faulty, it just sounds like the noise they make?
Like I said, I'm not seeing the issue you are, mine works fine...


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Like I said, I'm not seeing the issue you are, mine works fine...
Thanks. It originally said you were experiencing the same issue as me but it looks like the post has been updated.

We have a similar phone too (S10 vs Note 10+).

What does 16/26 mean in your Signature? -

Surface Pro X (16/26)

Are you using these versions or newer? -

Your Phone App version: 1.20041.85.0
Your Phone Companion Link to Windows app version: 1.20041.82.0
Link to Windows Service version:

Thanks again.
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Yes-try reducing the sliders. See what may help the distortion.
It didn't make a difference lowering the volume. I don't believe it's a distortion issue.


You may find a hint here:
It wasn't the fix here :(. Good shout though thanks.

The upside it's still notifying me on the SPX about the call and I can just answer it on my phone instead but:

- The jarring noise is still there.
- I cannot make use of Your Phone to take the call, which is the whole point you can talk from the PC whilst you work.

It kinda defeats the whole point if you just pick the phone up to speak.


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This is fixed I've just noticed.

I'm now using Your Phone version 1.20052.148.0.

Now during a call the Notification is also an icon on the Windows Taskbar, it never was before.

This all suggests it was a bug with Your Phone,, possibly only on Windows on ARM devices or only on Surface Pro X. But it's finally fixed :).

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