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Zinio Magazine app


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One of the apps I really wanted as I had it on my old tablet was the Zinio magazine app. I searched for it and it appeared to be available and in the MS app store. However now I have my Surface I can search for it and find it online but when I select to view it in the app store I get the app store front page and no store search will bring it up.

I've emailed Zinio to see if it's an issue that I'm in the UK and it may not be released in the UK yet but so far no reply. Anyone else in the UK managed to get Zinio to install? I have subscriptions I can't read :mad2:
Zinio app is available for Surface in the USA but the app has problems. I and other Surface users have problems opening magazine subscriptions. Promotional magazines will open but purchased magazines crash the app. I have reported this to Zinio.
I am in Canada and it is not available here either. I went in and changed my location to get me to the US app store. That let me download Zinio. I have two different subscriptions that I use regularly for it, PC World and PC Mag PC Mag works perfectly, PC World will not open, won't even fully download. I too have submitted this to Zinio tech support.