Anyway to turn off Intel's POS Display Power Saving Technology?

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    I used to be able to manually install Intel's Graphics drivers and get the Intel Control Panel back to turn it off. But since the June patch, I am not able to do that anymore.

    I am talking about the "feature" where when you are viewing a dark screen, the screen automatically dims. You can see the "feature" at work (on battery and normal profile) when you open up a dark webpage or something and then switching over to the white webpage. This IS NOT auto brightness or Adaptive Brightness under power settings.

    It used to be that I can go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics driver at which point the GPU shows up as "Microsoft Display Adapter" and then I can manually "Update driver software". However, now when I uninstall the graphics driver, it still shows as Intel and there isn't any option to manually "Update driver software", the Intel driver just reinstalls upon restart.

    So anyone find a new way to get the control panel back or is there some registry tweak or something like that?

    Edit: Found it
    1.Obtain Lastest Intel HD Graphics Driver (Make sure to download the .zip file version NOT the .exe) from Intel Download Center. Selsect “Graphics”, “Laptop graphics driver” and the chipset (Surface Pro 1 uses 3rd gen HD4000 & Surface Pro 2 uses 4th gen HD4400)
    2.Select your Operating System and download the driver (Windows 8.1 x64)
    3.Right click the downloaded .zip and select “Extract to …” and dump it on your desktop or wherever
    4.Right click the bottom left corner on your desktop and select “Device Manager”
    5.Open “Display adapters”, right click the graphics card and hit “Update Driver Software…”
    6.Select the “Browser my computer for driver software”
    7.Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
    8.Click “Have Disk…” and browser to the extracted Intel Driver Software on your desktop.
    9.In the subfolder “Graphics” open the .inf file
    10.Now click “Ok” and continue installing the driver by hitting “Next”…
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