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    For those of you who've switched from a Macbook and have the Apple USB adapter.... good news, you can install it to work with the SP3.

    From what I can tell, it WILL NOT install automatically.

    Here are the instructions I found: Ninja Monki: Getting your Apple USB Ethernet Adapter to work on your Windows 8 64-bit computer

    You want the AX8872A driver setup file (direct link)

    Download and unpack the folder in the downloads folder.

    You want to use the device manager to update the driver. I'll admit I can't remember HOW to get the driver to update. Windows keeps telling the user it can't find the right driver.

    Perhaps others can give screenshots of the process. Selfishly, mine is installed and I'm not going to break it by fiddling with it.

    If I remember correctly, I uninstalled the Apple USB adapter, then reinstalled the adapter while selecting where the driver could be located.

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