Bought 2nd Surface: SP3/i5 8GB on Ebay

Discussion in 'Surface 3 (Atom)' started by TallSurfaceUser, Jan 12, 2016.

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    I am so sold on this form factor that I bought a SP3 to complement my S3. The S3 is just not powerful enough for intensive situations or for running anything more than Onenote, word processing and watching videos.

    For me, the S3 will be a tablet for reading and video watching and, occasionally, taking notes in a work environment. For most of my work, however, I'm going to rely on a SP3.

    Also, I purposely bought an SP3 on Ebay without the keyboard. This is because the SP4 keyboard sounds like a a killer device that will finally turn these things into full-fledged laptops. I'm going to lay out the $130 or so for a SP4 keyboard without fingerprint.

    The only remaining hitch is when you want the screen at a right angle but the tablet has to lean back on something. Sometimes space is scarce and I don't want to lean it back. Or I'm flat on my back and I need it leaning forward.

    I bought a TP Yoga Core i5 thinking this might negate the need for a SP 3. It's nice but not so good for holding and writing in Onenote. It's too big and heavy.

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