Cannot access Desktop PC files over network

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface 2' started by Tony2000, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Since the latest automatic Windows 10 update on my desctop PC, my Surface 2 (not pro) file manager cannot access its files.
    Clicking on Network shows the router, the tablet itself, network printer/scanner and the Desktop PC.
    The Properties shown for the Desktop look OK, but only the tablet itself shows in the submenu under Network in the LHS.
    A week ago it was OK. I have checked 'sharing' of C: drive, and 'Homegroup' on PC and can see nothing wrong. Ping works both ways. The PC claims it can see the C: drive of the Tablet but does not have permission to access it (though it is actually wide open).
    One user (nameA) on PC with passwordA, One user ( on Tablet with passwordB

    Can anyone help?

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