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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 4' started by d_animality, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Hi... im very new with this Surface Pro 4, there are 3 problems i encountered so far and i seek for your expert help:

    1) Everytime i restarted, it asked for login password ... i dont want this... already disable in the power options yet its still there... please help to disable it

    2) adaptive brightness, already turned off inside the power options, i know there should b intel control panel but his one i dont have that option... my spec is i7 iris

    3) and finally, why is it take so long to wake up from sleep? when i open the type cover ... it wont wake up imediately, need to press a button and wait for several secs to load? why is it? its i7 and it surface... i expect its faster :(
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    if you want to turn the login off completely run the netplwiz utiity
    right click on start and choose run, type netplwiz in the run box, uncheck users must enter a username and password to use this computer and select apply.
    You'll then be prompted for your current password, enter this and reboot, you should now be login free.

    Alternatively you can enable Windows Hello which is very quick and painless to log you in.

    Go to notifications then settings then system and display, make sure change brightness automatically when lighting changes is turned off.
    If you want the Intel control panel there is a thread here about the latest Intel drivers and how to install them

    I'll leave others to answer question 3, there is known sleep issues with the SP4 for which MS are promising a fix at some unspecified point in 2016

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