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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by hughlle, Feb 1, 2017.

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    Hey all. Bit of a long shot here.

    I'm in the middle of my dissertation and am conducting a study on flexible working arrangements. My initial research model allowed for the use of a random sample, however, this has now changed. I now need participants from a select few organizations (I'm only looking for around 100 participants in total).

    I know that a lot of tech companies make use of flexible working arrangements, and given my interest in technology figure it would be more interesting to obtain results from such organizations (although at this point I'll take anything, time is ticking by!)

    If anyone reading this runs a company which makes use of such policies, I would love it if you;d be willing to help me conduct this survey. Alternatively, if you work for a company which makes use of such policies, would it be possible to approach your HR department to see if they may be willing to participate, or whether you might be able to put me in touch with them to discuss the matter. The survey will only take around 5 minutes, so nothing too intrusive or complicated (pretty much just a couple dozen likert-style questions).

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. Due to circumstances (largely me being too clever for my own good having to spend significant time attempting to simplify my research model), I'm getting rather behind now and my final submission deadline is in less than two months.

    Many thanks for reading

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