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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by BobR1908, Dec 16, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are well. I am now the happy owner of a Surface Pro 3 - I ran the Windows battery report today out of being curious more than anything after coming across it while reading my tech websites. I had it plugged in to charge for a few hours before first use and notice the following on the report:

    State: Active
    Source AC

    This is what shows for the entire duration of it being plugged into charge with the exception of one instance that reads:

    State: Suspended
    Source: Blank - AC nor Battery is listed here

    I noticed the light on the charger go out for a few second. This when I lifted the Surface to move it one foot. If I maybe accidentally lifted the charger at all, just unseat it a bit could this be where the suspended state is listed because the Surface was not turned on nor plugged in at that time?

    I saw other example reports online and see this showing up in theirs too. In most cases many more times than mine. I did notice the charging light go out once for maybe a couple seconds when I happened to be looking at the unit when it was charging. I am just curious on what exactly "suspended" means and how it would go into that state while plugged in charging and not on or being used.

    I uploaded a photo.

    I did after charging it go through initial setup and download all the new updates, maybe this was a known issue that these days will fix. Or, is this not an issue at all and normal?

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    This appears normal I wouldn't worry. In that section of the report the "State" has three values Active, Connected Standby, or Suspended. When its Active it's on and Source will be either AC or Battery. Connected Standby is a low power state under control of the OS. MS has an entire paper on Connected Standby and never mentions Suspended in this context.

    It appears Suspended may be a low power state under UEFI control as Power Status is not reported AC or Battery. Most of the time you see it toggle between Active and Connected Standby however I frequently see a Suspended state around 2-3 AM. seems the computer woke for a scheduled task then is Suspended. Sometimes you see it go to Connected Standby then less than a second later it goes Suspended other times it might go straight to Suspended from Active. This State is poorly documented and terminology is mixed. Perhaps someone else knows what they think it is.
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