Phil Spencer Shoots Down Any Idea of a Microsoft Xbox Branded Surface Gaming Tablet

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    For several months, there have been feint whispers of a potential Xbox/Surface cross-branding gaming tablet cross-over product. The idea of a Surface tablet dedicated specifically to games and the Xbox brand in particular had a few of us in the tech industry intrigued. The imagination begins to run wild when considering the possibilities. Sadly, if you had high hopes for such a product, they are officially dashed now.

    Phil Spencer, the new head boss of Microsoft's Xbox division answered a users tweet regarding this very idea. In a very point blank manner, he basically shot down the idea with the force of a flak cannon's direct hit to the fuselage. Here's what he had to say,

    It doesn't get much more cut and dry than that. Of course, it's possible he is deflecting the idea because Microsoft is actually working on it, but his response didn't leave any wiggle room, so we doubt it.

    Source: Haverzine

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