Problem with Miracast on Surface 3 Pro

Discussion in 'Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3' started by GegeNY, Jan 25, 2016.

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    I was connecting my Surface 3 Pro Windows 10 to my YV with Miracast for sometime, everything was working well.
    Now, when I connect to Miracast, the video work very well, but no sound.
    When I look at the Sound Panel, on Playback, the default device is "Speaker Realtek High Definition Audio".
    I see on top of the list "Digital Output", but impossible to set it as Default Device, I tried everything, it doesn't accept the command . I can right click and Test, the sound come out of the TV, but cannot set it as default.
    Before it was changing automatically when I was connecting Miracast.
    Will be nice if someone has an answer to this problem.

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