Programs that utilize touch to add dimensions / annotations to photos

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by cmftlynum, Feb 20, 2015.

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    I've done some searching and haven't found any users discussing what I am looking for. I am a sign and display maker. Very often while in the field, I would like to, either, take photos with the device or upload some photos that are already shot of a particular space, building or existing sign, etc. and then while in the field add dimensions to the photo. I am fairly versed in using PS and Illustrator and could use either to do such but was wondering if there is anything out there that users like and may be more purpose built. I would really like the option of touching two points and then having the dimension filled in and be scale-able. In addition to that, options to save as a pdf or other easily readable format that could then be shared with my team or the client. We provide quite a few location photos to agency designers and the ability for them to have the dimensions or annotations on a layer that could be removed so that they could then render on an unadulterated photo would be great. I don't know if there is such an animal but am interested in finding out what other's solutions to similar needs are.


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