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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Forum' started by Russ, May 19, 2016.

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    This is just an FYI post, because I have not been able to solve the non-problem and have chosen not to care anymore.

    I have four machines on the Insider Program -- Fast Ring. Three of them are on Build 14342, while one is stuck on 14316. The update settings are the same on all four machines, but that one machine blithely ignores updates and reports that it is "Up to date."

    The issue, which I have deemed to be a non-problem, is that this is my "Main Machine." I use it most often, and it has the largest collection of software installed. The enormity of the task to re-create that system is daunting, so I am not going to do anything that even hints at such a project. I think, or maybe hope, that some future non-Insider update will trip whatever switch is blocking the Insider updates. Or, I will just keep using it on 14316 until I upgrade to Windows 11 or 12.

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