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    Hiya guys, few hours after asking for help and now i've thought of something helpful to share myself.

    As everyone knows the surface pen can't be used for scrolling in IE and chrome (BUMMER) however can be used to move the scroll bar down the page. This is great but the scroll bars are TINY on the spro3's beautiful display SO lets just make the scroll bar big enough so thats it's comfortable to do this all the time found a video link showing how to do it in chrome-pretty sure same structure for IE and firefox-if not a quick google search will do it.

    Default is -200 however i put mine to -1000 and it works wonderfully now and doesn't impact screen real estate at all. The ONE little problem now is consistency in the OS because when you swtich apps, it's going to the apps skinny default scrollbar-however watch the video and apply the instructions to the app of your choice and im pretty sure it should work!

    IF you wanted to do your absoulte best to emulate actually scrolling on the webpage you could even REVERSE the scroll movement so it's swipe up to scroll down and vise versa!

    Let me know what you think, im a little rusty on the tips but i think this is a good start!

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