When Do Surface Pros Resold By HP and Dell Go On Sale?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion' started by netuser, Oct 19, 2015.

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    They announced they would be reselling Microsoft Surface Pros several weeks ago.
    Are they planning to sell the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book on launch day next week? They only mention Surface Pro 3, but Surface Pro 4 was not yet announced at the time.

    I don't see any details on products and sale dates on their websites.
    I only see generic articles online dated around September 8th and 9th with no follow up.
    Microsoft & Dell partner to deliver Windows 10 devices & support to the enterprise

    HP Joins the Surface Enterprise Initiative
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    May not show up on the website unless you logon with a business account or it might only be through channel partners which is how a large majority of business deals are done. Companies often have contracts with a distributor like CDW for example and buy through them from HP, Dell, Lenovo etc. It's simpler than setting and maintaining agreements with each vendor.

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