1. J

    Signature keyboard black color

    Hi, I just bought a Surface Pro 9 for business (graphite) with a balck color Signature Keyboard (to match the color of the Surface Pro) and a Slim Pen 2. I like the design that the pen can be stored in the keyboard charging. However, the keycaps of the keyboard seem to have some rubbery...
  2. K

    Possible Hardware Issue? Acting like it's in "Sleep of Death" but isn't.

    Long story short, I was watching a YouTube video last night and wanted to skip back 30 seconds of the video, I frantically clicked on the video timeline causing it to skip to multiple times of the video and my SP4 froze. Everything was unresponsive, power button and volume buttons to and I...
  3. L

    Surface Book Screen Shots are Black

    I have a new Surface Book and have read a dozen "how to" articles on taking screen shots. Unbelievably, nothing seems to work and the only "success" I have is Windows+Screenshot or Power button + volume up button which saves a completely black image under Pictures -> Screenshots. It's literally...
  4. R

    Solved Icon black boxes

    The desktop icons on my Surface 3 have had these intermittent black boxes show up in the lower left corner of them (on the largest size, any smaller and the black box covers the whole icon). Sometimes they’re there, but sometimes after a nap or shutdown or random program interaction, they...