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Signature keyboard black color


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I just bought a Surface Pro 9 for business (graphite) with a balck color Signature Keyboard (to match the color of the Surface Pro) and a Slim Pen 2. I like the design that the pen can be stored in the keyboard charging.

However, the keycaps of the keyboard seem to have some rubbery coating, which leads to a poor typing experience (this coating may help reduce the wear though). I often miss letters when typing very fast. Before ordering, I tried Signature keyboards in a store in blue and red colors (non-business models), which use plastic keycaps and provide an excellent typing experience.

It seems that the material used to make the black keyboard is different to those with other colors, or the signature keyboard that I have got has the coating because it is a business model. Do you have the experience with the black and other color signature keyboard to confirm this? Thanks! I need to order a Signature keyboard without the rubbery coating.

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El Chorizo

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Never noticed that before Jim. I wonder why the coating is different. Wish I could offer some insight into your question but unfortunately I'm in the dark as well.