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  1. B

    Solved Surface book 3 freezes during factory reset

    Factory Reset the Surface Book 3, model "1873", with a USB stick, but then it freezes with BSOD at 10%. How do I get past that point? Why is this error happening? Can I do hardware diagnostics? Everything has been erased.
  2. D

    W10 1903 Surface Book 2 dGPU Photoshop issue

    Greetings! I recently forced the 1903 Upgrade to my 1TB 15" Surface Book 2 but alas it's not doing well running it while working in Adobe Photoshop CC. Even after a clean install of the system ( on 1903 ) and with all drivers installed any attempt to work in Photoshop CC will, after a few...
  3. N

    Why Surface 4 Pro Restart Suddenly

    Suddenly without taking my permission my surface pro shows a screen saying "Restarting" and then the windows 10 restarts and close all the running apps and documents without saving ! is that a system crash or what's going on ?? how can the windows restart based on it self ..
  4. Neilbug

    Surface RT crashes during Youtube video playback

    My Surface RT is probably about 2 or 3 years old now, and it suffers from an annoying problem when playing YouTube videos. I am a massive gamer and use my surface alot for watching game guides and walkthroughs on YouTube. However if I pause a video and put the tablet to the side I often find...
  5. B

    Solved GPU crashing with illustrator

    The GPU crashes when i am trying to work on my designs. I don't know if it is a faulty gpu or just a problem with Illustrator and/or my design file. I have tried updating the drivers through microsoft and official nvidia channels. Illustrator generally runs slower than i would expect it too...
  6. S

    Consistent steam game crashes after 15 minutes

    Hi, all. I've got an SP3 i5/256gb, and ever since I downloaded steam and started playing games on it, 80% of the games I have (not necessarily most graphic intensive ones) crash to the desktop after 10-15 minutes of gameplay. i've downloaded intel XTU and the temps look fine (~70F stable), RAM...