1. I

    Water damage glitched a couple keys

    I had accidentally spilled a bit of water on to my surface pro 4 laptop and let it dry by itself, now the H key types ''8-u[shn'', quotes is ''9=o]d'm'', G types ''`7ypagb'', mute button presses mute and -, and Left Control is CTRL, ESC, and F5/volume-down rocker. Any advice to fix this?
  2. S

    Surface Book battery problems

    My Surface Book is three years old, and still about the most powerful and capable machine I see wherever I go, so the fact that it started to get terrible battery service was a huge bummer. It started in the Summer of '19, but probably had been creeping into the scene for a while. Going back to...
  3. deadcatwalking

    Solved Touch Screen Fix (Permanent)

    Hi all. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is having issues with a dead touch screen. I discovered a permanent fix when the infamous 'battery drain' fix only worked until I rebooted. I hope this helps you all. If it does please like or comment on the video I created and share with other...
  4. A

    Surface Pro dock makes horrible high pitch sound please help!

    whenever i plug something into any of the usb ports it makes a really high pitch sound and it doesnt go away. it only happens when something is drawing power out of it such as when I charge my phone. I've tried multiple cables and they all cause the dock to make the same screeching noise. Please...
  5. C

    Problem with surface pen

    Can anyone tell how to fix a problem when pen is writing with gap missing some parts of line, like in screenshot below? Already reconnected pen, also checked battery and button, everything is correct besides gaps.
  6. sharpuser

    HowTo How To and Master Help Guide for the Surface Book

    Need help with your Microsoft Surface Book? This is a good place to start. The Staff of provide this thread as a compilation of how-to guides, fixes, help tutorials and tips which have solved problems or saved time.