1. S

    Touch function not working / Intel Precise Touch Device driver (!) / Hardware Part

    What hardware component(s) should be replaced in the case where the screen works except the touch function. I have replaced the screen along with the small "digitizer" board and ribbon cable that sits behind it, but the problem persists. I did not replace the big middle cable since I believe it...
  2. Hard.Wired

    Windows Security / Device security / Core isolation - Incompatible drivers - Intel

    Sooo, I can't seem to turn on Windows 10 Pro 20H2 - Windows Security / Device security / Core isolation because my Intel graphics drivers on my Surface Pro 3 are not compatible. :confused: Windows Update is all up to date and there are no optional updates. Anyone using newer drivers or...
  3. M

    Intel Showcases Black Surface Book During 8th Generation Core Processor Launch

    The Verge reports that Intel has teased a new, very smart looking black Surface Book during the launch of its 8th-generation core processors this week. The mysterious Surface Book was first noticed by eagle-eyed MSPoweruser in a promotional video released by Intel to showcase the new processors...
  4. P

    CPU throttled without reason

    Hi guys, I have an Pro 4 i5/8gb/256gb and sometimes I have the problem, that my CPU was throttled down to ~0,87 GHz and don´t clock even higher. The problem is with and without power supply the same. The Surface isn´t hot, sometimes the problem is directly after booting. Energy saving mode is...
  5. B

    Intel driver issue after updating to Win 10

    Hello together, I have updated my Surfce Pro 3 to Windows 10 and after this the Intel graphic Driver was not installed anymore. I realized this as my external Monitor is not working through the docking station. Also any other external Monitor with a connector is not Wirkung. I tried to update...