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Intel driver issue after updating to Win 10


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Hello together,

I have updated my Surfce Pro 3 to Windows 10 and after this the Intel graphic Driver was not installed anymore. I realized this as my external Monitor is not working through the docking station. Also any other external Monitor with a connector is not Wirkung.

I tried to update this via the repair in the device Manager, through Windows update ans also with the Intel update File. Nolting Works. Last step was to uninstall the Microsoft Standard Driver ans until then the graphic Card appears as not properly installed.

Any ideal how to fix this?



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You more than likely need to check for updates a couple times. I've upgraded several Surface 3's to Windows 10 where I work and haven't had any issues with the driver that comes installed after doing all the W10 updates. I haven't tried any drivers from Intel as I don't feel a need for any but the native video driver that comes with Windows 10 for the Surface.