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Intel Showcases Black Surface Book During 8th Generation Core Processor Launch


Intel teases new black Surface Book during new processor launch.JPG

The Verge reports that Intel has teased a new, very smart looking black Surface Book during the launch of its 8th-generation core processors this week. The mysterious Surface Book was first noticed by eagle-eyed MSPoweruser in a promotional video released by Intel to showcase the new processors, which will be launching on laptops first.

The only colour of Surface Book currently available is grey, and Microsoft has not released a black Surface device of any type, let alone a black Surface Book, for almost four years.

At the moment, both Intel and Microsoft are remaining tight-lipped about the gorgeous new black Surface Book that has caught everyone’s attention, and it could simply be a marketing render, although, as The Verge points out, the laptop shown in the video does have the same eject key usually found on a Surface Book keyboard, as well as the highly recognisable Surface Book fulcrum hinge.

Even if Microsoft wasn’t thinking about releasing a black Surface Book, maybe it really should after the response this one little glimpse has garnered!

Source: Intel has a mysterious black Surface Book in its new processor video
It does not come with performance base.... older proto perhaps, or just a render where color was digitally changed?