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    Surface keyboard stopped working (in Windows only)

    Recently my surface pro 4 keyboard stopped working and after spending an hour cleaning the ports with a dry cloth and reattaching it 100 times, I realised it was no easy fix. I know many people have faced the same issue and I read around 20 posts revolving around the same problem but mine seems...
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    Surface Pro 2 keyboard not popping up

    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone knew how to fix my keyboard issue. My keyboard isn't showing when I touch inside of a search rectangle. I have restored my tablet but after setting it up the keyboard isn't popping up.
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    Mysterious Button Surface Keyboard!

    I have just purchased the Microsoft Surface Keyboard which i'm really liking.. however.... There is one button that is extremely bugging me (screenshot attached) as it doesn't do anything. it looks like a message, so id imagine for new email or Teams etc but...nothing!! I'm using a surface pro...
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    Type Cover Won't Light Up?

    My SP Type Cover won't light up. I've pressed F2 over and over, trying it with the Function key switched both on and off. I've looked through the settings but I'm failing to find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Solved I've Lost My On-Screen Keyboard

    I just un-docked my SP4 to use it as a tablet device and couldn't find the on screen keyboard. It usually pops up automatically when I want to type something, and if it doesn't, there's always been a keyboard icon on the right-hand side of the taskbar that would bring it up. Any ideas where it's...
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    I detest the Onscreen Keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

    I detest the Onscreen Keyboard on my SP4 since the day I got it. I am accustomed to the excellent SwiftKey keyboard on my phone, so perhaps am I doing something wrong with the Surface. I find the Surface's handling of misspelling, predictive text, and suggestions is mindbogglingly awful...
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    Surface type cover suddenly not working

    I have read a few posts and tried most of the solutions however nothing has worked so far. Please help if you can. The issue: I detached my keyboard for about an hour to read and when i reattached it no longer works. As it was just sitting there and it worked before hand I am ruling out damage...
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    Sorry to start like this - Sb keeps saying attached

    I have a Surface book i7 16gb. Brilliant piece of kit but since Sunday It has started intermittently displaying "Attached" every few seconds. This renders the keyboard and USB ports useless. I have loaded any and all updates, two button resets, cleanmgr, (only saving grace was once it worked...