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    SP4 wakes up for nothing and keep running

    Hi. Iam a dissatisfied customer who likes the specs of the SP 4 but cant stand the fact that it almost 50% of the times wakes up on its own without pressing, moveing or touching anything. After waking up it often keep looking for my face to log in also turns on its fan and just keep looking and...
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    Solved Can't login, Project won't go away, HELP

    Running the latest firmware, I checked for updates yesterday. Watch this video on this tweet to see what's happening, I'll try to explain below. On a fresh boot up, I get the pretty picture login screen, and Turning on camera.... and it never turns on. I can swipe up and log in fine. If I lock...
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    Login Loop

    I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 and joined to a domain. The device has been working perfectly since I bought it, including the Windows 10 update. I just installed the 1/19/2016 update and I am now experiencing a login issue. I enter my username and password, the login screen flashes...
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    Login problem with screen detached

    Is there a way to login to Windows 10 with the Surface Book screen detached from the keyboard? The lock screen says press CTRL+ALT+DEL or Windows Button+Power Button. However there is no Windows Button and I can't get passed this screen to enter login information without attaching the...