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Login problem with screen detached


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Is there a way to login to Windows 10 with the Surface Book screen detached from the keyboard? The lock screen says press CTRL+ALT+DEL or Windows Button+Power Button. However there is no Windows Button and I can't get passed this screen to enter login information without attaching the keyboard. Any solutions?
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Just tried this out with my Surface Book detached clipboard. You should be able to swipe the screen upwards with your finger.

Try that and let us know...
I tried on mine. I can do a swipe, if not in tablet mode. In tablet mode, nothing. You need a keyboard (or the camera login).
I can do everything in Tablet Mode, but I am on Build 10586. I wonder if you have found a real problem with the previous Builds of Windows 10?

A new release comes out November 12, 2015, I believe.