1. D

    External microphone for Surface Go

    My aim is to record a lecturer using my Surface Go. I have tried using this using the in-built microphone which is mounted on the front but it picks up the noise of typing and background noise behind me better than the lecturer in front of me. Can anyone recommend an external microphone and...
  2. Ian Witts

    New Introduction and USB Dock / Sound Issue

    Hi All, I'm a SurfaceBook 2 owner and have been for a good 6 months or so, so hello to all other Surface people! I found the site because I have a really annoying issue and would love to know if others have the same or could even replicate it? Since flashing my Surface Dock to the latest...
  3. BorisHristov

    External Mic via the 3.5 Jack?

    Hey guys, Anyone able to use an external mic (I am having a Rode VideoMic) with Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10? The mic works perfectly well with my DLSR, but when I connect it to the Surface it's just not recognized as a mic and that's it. Some friends are not having the same problems, but they...
  4. D

    Microphone sending audio output but not voice

    So this started a couple of days ago before the latest Windows 10 update. When using Skype the other person could only hear OS sounds, music playing, any audio output. This happens with my headset, the onboard hardware and my iPhone earbuds. No recording devices are set to listen to. Stereo mix...
  5. D

    Finally got a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...and other problems

    On Day 3, I got my first blue screen of death, just when I was browsing and whatnot. On restart, everything is fine. Here's my personal list of problems I've come across with my Surface Book (512, i7, 16 RAM) 1) Track pad stopped working until restart 2) microphone consistently stops working on...