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New Introduction and USB Dock / Sound Issue

Ian Witts

New Member
Hi All,

I'm a SurfaceBook 2 owner and have been for a good 6 months or so, so hello to all other Surface people!

I found the site because I have a really annoying issue and would love to know if others have the same or could even replicate it? Since flashing my Surface Dock to the latest firmware version, any USB headset that I use has microphone problems when I'm talking on Skype, Teams, etc. It never happened before the update, I have two docks and it still worked on the one dock until I had to update the firmware as my SurfaceBook stopped charging when docked.

It's a horrible problem and MS Support wan't nothing to do with it as they don;t understand what the problem is. Does anyone else have the same setup as me and has anyone else experienced this? Facts:

  1. Doesn't happen when not docked.
  2. If docked, microphone any ANY usb headset device cuts in and out on a call (5 mins will always reproduce it).
  3. If docked, the same thing happens even if I plug the USB headset into the main Surface chassis and not the dock itself.
It's ruined me because now I have to undock and lose my two monitors, keyboard, mouse, ethernet connection, etc. and be stuck on one tiny screen for the duration of the call (and I'm in calls a lot).

Any help (or just confirmation!) would be hugely appreciated.