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External Mic via the 3.5 Jack?

Hey guys,

Anyone able to use an external mic (I am having a Rode VideoMic) with Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10? The mic works perfectly well with my DLSR, but when I connect it to the Surface it's just not recognized as a mic and that's it.

Some friends are not having the same problems, but they are using headsets via USB. However, that's not my case and I am wondering if you have any thoughts?



I just tried an external mic and it doesn't work on my SP4. Works with a DSLR, GoPro and my laptop. Tried the trouble shooter and it found no problem.


Yeap. Same. One alternative is to buy an external sound card that connects via usb(I already tested and ordered a Creative one for 40 Euro) that has mic in and headphone jack.


I have a USB mic and a Bluetooth mic but with my SP4 really have no need for them. I was just curious if it was only you or yet another problem with SP4'S.


I bought a Creative X-FI GO Pro! which is an external USB sound card - my Rode mic now works like charm. Just plugging into the Mic jack and it's perfect :)


I have used this successfully on both SP2 and SP4 to connect 3.5 mm audio headphone + mono microphone simultaneously:

Amazon.com: Rockit Headphone/Microphone Splitter: Electronics
I think that's the solution. It looks like the MS or Realtek doesn't properly parse a TS plug in its TRRS as a microphone. I suspect (though can't confirm) that it may see it as a mono-out. I have an old Tascam iXZ interface for the iPad/iPhone that converts a TRRS jack to worh with an instrument or mic (w/ phantom) plus headphones. It's basically the same at the Rockit, but with phantom power and some impedence matching.

I'll add, though, that the mic in on the Surface Pro 4 is HORRIBLE. It's so noisy I can't imaging using it for anything but the most basic, and throwaway, voice recordings of lectures. If you carry any value at all on your recordings, get a USB mic or interface.
I'm looking to record audio from an external instrument. It looks like a USB mic is the way to go? Any recommendations? Sounds like one should avoid using the mic in on the SP4. Thanks!

Edit: Boris's suggestion looks like it will do :)
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