1. E

    Solved Miracast over hotspot?

    Hey all, Has anyone had any success connecting to a Miracast device (or better yet, projecting to another Windows 10 device) when using the hotspot feature in Windows 10? I'm trying to come up with a reliable method for doing so - I use a combination of a SB2 + SP4 (as a second screen), but...
  2. B

    Surface as second screen not working

    Hi, Iam trying to connect my PC to my Surface to use the SP as an extended screen but the PC cant see it. They are both on the same network. The PC is wired and according to the DXDIAG file it does support miracast and it already worked with a smart TV (however the TV is also wired). All...
  3. K

    Surface Hub Pairing

    We have (2) 84" Surface Hubs. I can use Miracast to send a laptop to (1) Surface Hub, but not both. If I connect HDMI to one and Miracast to the other, it ALMOST works - but one screen will only show the desktop. If I duplicate the screen, the Miracast will show the open applications, but the...
  4. L

    Surface Book 2 - WiFi Direct disappeared how to reinstall

    Hi all, The WiFi Direct Virtual adapters were malfunctioning on my relatively new surface book 2, presumably preventing Miracast connection to wireless display. I had to uninstall CheckPoint VPN which allowed the Wireless Display connection to at least interact with the TV set. However display...
  5. R

    Using the Surface Pen drops a Miracast connection

    Hi there, can someone test this? Because it always fails for me on my Surface Pro 3 with the current Windows 10 Version 1607. Establish a Miracast connection to a screen of your choice. Press the button on your Surface Pen. The Miracast connection is dropped. First I thought this is because...
  6. CaptainTime

    Screencasting Options?

    I am a speaker and I use the Surface Pro 3 for my presentations. Generally, I have used it as a normal laptop during presentations, connecting to projectors or TV screens via HDMI or VGA cables. But I have come to realize I am not using all the educational power of the Surface Pro 3. I have...
  7. I

    Miracast on-screen security code (PIN) on Surface Hub

    To stop any accidental or deliberate ‘cross-casting’ I have enabled the on-screen PIN code that requires a user to type this in before being able to wirelessly connect to the Surface Hub. My issue is that this does not always appear and some users are able to connect without being challenged for...
  8. F

    Anyone gotten Miracast to work?

    I have a Toshiba smart TV with built-in Miracast that works well with several Android phones and tablet, but my SP4 (i5/8GB/256GB) never detects it. The SP4 has the latest sw/fw updates, and very little other added software except Kaspersky AV and Office 2013. I've messed with the firewall...
  9. H

    USB Connection kills Miracast connection

    Hi there, so I have a Surface Pro 4 (Base Model Core M) and ordered the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter along with it. I installed it all at home and the surface Pro had no problem whatsoever connecting to the display Adapter on the back of my TV. I brought it to work, plugged in the USB...
  10. K

    Windows 10 + Roku Stick Miracast

    Hello everyone. I was able to mirror my SP2 via Miracast to a roku stick on 8.1. Now that I have upgrade to W10, I can't seem to be able to connect and mirror. SP2 sees the roku device and the roku device starts to connect but then fails. Is anyone else able to mirror a SP on W10 to roku?