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Miracast on-screen security code (PIN) on Surface Hub


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To stop any accidental or deliberate ‘cross-casting’ I have enabled the on-screen PIN code that requires a user to type this in before being able to wirelessly connect to the Surface Hub. My issue is that this does not always appear and some users are able to connect without being challenged for the on-screen PIN. In general this may be users that have previously connected, with or without the PIN, however some users that have not connected previously are also not challenged for the PIN.

On other screen-casting sytems a new Pin is generated and required for access for each new session, As you can imagine, if we deploy Surface Hubs across our meeting/tutorial rooms then access will be given to thousands of staff and students with the potential for havoc...

Is this 'as-designed' or a bug? Anyone else have the same experience?


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This is as-designed as far as I know. The issue is that once a device (Win10 Laptop) has connected and entered the PIN, the "connection" is saved on the Laptop, if you press Windows+K, then select Find Other Types of Devices, you will see the Surface Hub listed under Projectors. If you remove the Surface Hub from that list, then it will ask for a PIN the next time that device connects to that Surface Hub. I am not aware of a way to automatically force that saved connection on the laptop to "time-out".

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