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    Surface 4 performance issue

    HI - new to this forum and am in search of answers. I just bought a new surface pro 4, i5. My issue is that the speed of the web page updates is very slow. I compare to: 1. my previous computer which is still operating in parallel until I decide to stick with my surface 4. It's a Lenovo...
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    Lag issues Surface Pro 4 Core M

    The Surface Pro 4 Core M model that I got this week is pretty fast, but sometimes, the Windows animations and transitions get low FPS. This tends to happen when the unit gets somewhat hot. It definitely makes it feel it's not buttery smooth and takes away from the experience. I have no issues...
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    Surface Pro 4 i7 gaming performance

    So when I first bought my sp4 back early this year, I optimized it for gaming with a fan pointed at the heat sensor, cs disabled, high performance power plan, intel graphics drivers, and a slight undervoltage (-110mv worked best for me). Back then, there was a definite difference in games...
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    Surface Pro 4, performance and Firefox

    Recently I've bought Surface Pro 4 256 Gb 8 Gb, i5. All was fine, except one thing: there are small freezes when I use Firefox (version 42). They arise if I open few tabs and grow quickly with each new tab. Other browsers (Edge, and a little bit worse Chrome) have no problem. And if I open many...
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    SP3 Win10 Edge Tablet Performance Post (moved by Mod) RESOLVED

    Posted my SP3 TABLET issues, especially Edge speed. Comparing the speed of my i5 128/4 Win 10 SP3 to a Z 3795 Win 8.1 Atom tablet got the post moved to the Lenovo thread. I looked at Edge History, for some reason, and discovered I had NO HISTORY. A little searching found the problem and a...