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Lag issues Surface Pro 4 Core M


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The Surface Pro 4 Core M model that I got this week is pretty fast, but sometimes, the Windows animations and transitions get low FPS. This tends to happen when the unit gets somewhat hot. It definitely makes it feel it's not buttery smooth and takes away from the experience. I have no issues with load times although the animation can get slow sometimes. Is this normal on the pro 4 m3 or should I return it?
I do not run any resource intensive programs on the tablet (just One Note, Office, and browsing).
If I disable the animations, everything feels normal and speedy, but animations add to the overall user experience and I don't want to disable it.

All Windows updates have been installed and I only installed a few programs.

Any Surface Pro 4 Core M3 users experiencing this issue? Is this normal? Do you experience animation lag on your Pro 4 M3 Surface?

Thank you for your information.
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