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SP3 Win10 Edge Tablet Performance Post (moved by Mod) RESOLVED


Posted my SP3 TABLET issues, especially Edge speed. Comparing the speed of my i5 128/4 Win 10 SP3 to a Z 3795 Win 8.1 Atom tablet got the post moved to the Lenovo thread.

I looked at Edge History, for some reason, and discovered I had NO HISTORY. A little searching found the problem and a solution on the Other Good Forum for Win 10 users:

Link to another forum removed as it violates this forum's guidelines.

Brummyfan posted: "Thanks for the snip, clear cookies and browsing data, open the Task Manager, right click on Edge, go to Details, right click on Microsoft Edge content Process in the description field, click on End task, continue until the window disappears". I think "until...disappears" means until all instances of Edge are ended.

At any rate, I now have history AND Edge is several times faster. This was far and away my worst single Win 10 Tablet use issue.

For some reason on ad-laden sites, it could take up to a minute to go back, IF back would work at all. Now it goes back, if I hit the back arrow right and the ad isn't eating the cpu alive.

The other SP3 Win 10 Tablet issues still exist and can be found here:

My 8.1 Lenovo Atom is a blazingly better TABLET than my 10 SP 3 i5 | Microsoft Surface Forums

It's not blazingly better any more. Hoping for a little more tablet friendliness in November.
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As a side note, this should have gone into the Edge forum but since I moved one once I'm leaving this one alone. ;)