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    SP4 wakes up for nothing and keep running

    Hi. Iam a dissatisfied customer who likes the specs of the SP 4 but cant stand the fact that it almost 50% of the times wakes up on its own without pressing, moveing or touching anything. After waking up it often keep looking for my face to log in also turns on its fan and just keep looking and...
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    Surface Book will not charge, is there a Singapore service centre?

    So I received a hand-me-down Surface Book 1, but it has the following condition: the battery of both the keyboard and the tablet will not charge. It says for both batteries: 0% and not charging. I have tried absolutely everything I found online, including deleting drivers, removing keyboard from...
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    Replaced Battery - Won't charge

    The display on my Surface Pro 3 cracked last May. Not certain why. I decided to replace the screen because what was there to lose? The battery life was about half of what it should be so decided to replace the battery at the same time. Now, while the screen works, the battery is detected but...
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    Plastic part on top, issue!?

    Hello, Forum I recently purchased a used but mint condition surface pro 4. It is in great condition and it works as expected and I have no personal usage issues with it. However there is a issues with the plastic piece on top of the device. That plastic piece is flapping and issue is only felt...
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    Successful screen removal ?

    Has anyone found a single instance of a successful screen removal or done so themselves ? I got a really good deal for my Surface Pro 3, Its perfectly usable but it need a little love. New hinges and a battery while your in there... grand total of $50 if you can get the screen off. I have...
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    Solved Help on sending surface for replacement

    I just got everything sorted out for a replacement for my surface. All I know is I have to print a shipping label and drop it off at my nearby UPS location. However the instructions for what to send are a bit vague. Do I have to include the Surface packaging when sending it in? I don't have to...
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    Solved Fix sound problems

    I (un)intentionally hid the devices for my SP's speaker and couldn't get them back through the usual Device Manager methods (Re-enable was disabled), but Microsoft's "Audio Playback Diag" tool fixed it. I was pretty impressed that the tool found all my disabled/hidden sound devices and...