surface 2 rt

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    Just bought surface 2. HELP

    I just got a surface 2 brand new but from a second hand shop and I didn't realise how limited they are. Can't install apps downloaded which is really bad and I can't connect to the store. Is there a way on getting Windows 10 on it. It's a 32gb surface 2 rt that seems useless.
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    Wireless card not working after reset of Surface 2

    Good day everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me a hand this the issue I'm facing. After reseting my install of W8 on my tablet (in order to leave it to a friend), the network driver was not installed and an error 10 appeared on the device manager saying that the driver is not there...
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    What do you do with your Surface 2?

    I was given a Surface 2, and I'm pretty excited. I'm planning to use it for a 2nd screen, and writing assignments, and personal projects. With ie 11, though I'm nervous about web compatibility but it will suit my current needs for now. So my question is those of you who have the Surface 2, or...
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    Surface 2 Will not Open

    Hi my Surface 2 is One Year Old, I bought it Mail Order in Thailand where I live. Around 5 Weeks ago when I switched on there was a message saying Preparing Automatic Repair Sometimes it then goes into another page which tells me it has encountered Difficulties.On several occasions it has...
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    Stuck in Automatic Repair - USB boot will not work

    Hey guys, My surface is stuck in the Automatic Repair loop. It says the surface is preparing for an automatic repair, then the computer crashes and says it will restart itself, then it will boot back to the automatic repair. I have tried booting from a USB stick (even one from Microsoft)...