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Surface 2 Will not Open


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Hi my Surface 2 is One Year Old, I bought it Mail Order in Thailand where I live. Around 5 Weeks ago when I switched on there was a message saying Preparing Automatic Repair Sometimes it then goes into another page which tells me it has encountered Difficulties.On several occasions it has actually opened but as soon as I try to do anything it Conks out again. The Support people on Twitter gave up and told me to Contact Support in the US. This is when catch 22 Occurs as the Guaranty ( A Pitiful 90 Days) is void when I input my details it kicks me out and I cannot get Help from the People whom I could contact when the Guaranty was in force. The People on Twitter said I could Phone Malaysia (Which I am not going to do!!) If anyone from Microsoft reads these posts I would appreciate a little positive help. The facts are I paid quite a lot of money for a Microsoft Product which after only One Year is Totally useless to me. And in keeping with the age old tradition of Passing the Buck I am finding it impossible to contact anyone who could possibly help me!!

I find this complete lack of Customer care absolutely Appalling and regret having purchased my Surface. If anyone out there has any idea how I can contact someone who is willing to try and help me that would be great, otherwise I may as well throw my Surface away!!